Max Noble helps around the world to create precise and favourable First Impressions in business and social situations.



He is a First Impressions expert, consultant and speaking professional.

He provides coaching and training programs to individuals and performs keynote speaking, consulting and executive coaching to companies, universities, and associations.

Max Noble shares the magic of his findings in Marketing, Branding, Neuro-Linquistic-Programming and Human Nature. It all comes to one word. Seduction.

He will show you how to master the dreams of others. How to enter to their dream state and alter it, so that they make the decision, without they even think of it.


Max is the author of The Laws of First Impression – How to Master the Power of First Impressions (To be published in 2017) and popular blog at LinkedIn: The Master of First Impressions.

He is available as a keynote speaker for public and private events.

Max is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but travels all over the world teaching and speaking about First Impressions.