“Work on the hearts and minds of others.”
– Max Noble



In Max Noble CONSULTING Max shares the magic of his findings in Marketing, Branding, Neuro-Linquistic-Programming and Human Nature. It all comes to one word. Seduction.

Max will show you how to master the dreams of others. How to enter to their subconscious dream state and alter it, so that they make the decision, without they even think of it.

Max Noble will lead you to explore the dream state of your prospect that exists in their mind but not immediately available to their normal consciousness. Recent NLP studies and brain scan researches have shown that this is the state of mind where near all decisions are done. In a split of a second.

The likability, trust & amazement. All in one second. To master it. They are seduced and want more. Wouldn’t you like to master this?



How to Create a Seductive Brand?

Is your brand seductive? Does it trigger the right emotions at your prospects? Do you want people to want your brand? A little effort at gaining some seductive insight can help you create the most wanted brand in your niche.

This one-day seminar will help you avoid pitfalls of anti-seductivness and create a brand that creates precise and favourable subconscious alterations at your customers mind that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. You’ll learn to be sensitive with your approach and avoid missteps that could potentially cause negative awareness or even worse, – ignorance, to your brand.

With Max Noble CONSULTING you and your team will:

*Understand better the underlying forces of first impressions and seduction for your brand

**Gain the tools how to seduce and alter your prospects subconsciousness

***Have a tailored agenda how your brand becomes the most seductive brand in it’s niche.

****Start the seduction and dream alteration process

The Seminar Day includes:

What is seduction for brands by Max Noble

What is your brand currently doing right and what is the ideal brand profile at prospects mind workshop

Decision about The Perfect Brand Profile

Introduction to Seduction Process by Max Noble

Decision about the Ideal Prospect Profile


What do they REALLY want workshop

Decision about the Prospect’s Ideal Dream

How to insinuate instead of persuade by Max Noble

First Steps of Dream Alteration by Max Noble

How to become the Most Seductive Brand workshop

Who, What & When Decisions

End of Day

With this seminar your brand is not only generating more awareness and money, but loyal customers who love your brand.

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