“I’ll give you the keys to alter the dreams of others & the power of First Impression. ”

– Max Noble


With mischievous charm Max Noble enjoys lifting the veil on the world of Influence. He is best known for The Laws of First Impression book, probing what really goes on in our minds, once you get beneath the mask.

Max Noble inspires audiences by changing mindsets and behaviour through the introduction of new ways of thinking and changes in values and belief systems. Sometimes referred as a rising star of Influence, Max Nobles observations are both entertaining and authoritative.

Master of First Impressions and MSc. in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School, Max Noble will show you how to master the dreams of others. How to enter to their subconscious dream state and alter it, so that they make the decision, without they even think of it.

The likability, trust & amazement. Purchasing decision, vote, even love. All in one second. Wouldn’t you like to know how?

Max speaks English, Danish and Finnish and his speaking style is charismatic, amusing, educational, interactive and thought-provoking.


Each speaking topic is 5-15min long and can be combined with other topics.


Seductive Branding:

Why You Need to Enter Their Spirit Before Winning Them Over

How to Create a Seductive Brand I-II-III


Personal Branding:

Make Them Feel Good About Themselves

Master the Art of Mind Control

Use the Magic of Touch

Use The Power of Your Eyes

Listen to Your Inner Child

Be the Granny


Inspirational & Motivational:

Why Your Life Story Decides Your Future

Why You Need to Stop the Fear of Failure

How to Get Grace Back into Your Life

How Changing Your Breathing Can Change Your First Impression

How Making Yourself Available Makes You Instantly Attractive

Why Being Noticed is The Most Important Step

Why You Should NOT Do Small Talk

Never Underestimate the Power of First Impression

How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Two Traits that Will Make You Everybody’s Best Friend

How to Win an Argument Without Arguing

Ignore The Negative People

Trust Your Gut


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