“This is deep and powerful”

Romasha Nath, CEO, California


“Excellent lesson Max. I’ll do my best to practice. I intend remembering your words”

Jaume Alvarez, Export Manager, Spain


“MAX, this is hilarious!”

Ronald Jiminez, Recruitment Coordinator, Ohio


“Well! A great lesson and for a Noble cause as well. I better learn it and act on it. All sides can win this way!”

Bruno Meissner, Art Consulting, Switzerland


“Your story was truly a lifetime adventure, to be remembered and drawn from always”

Faith Washington, Professional Life/Business Coach, Florida


“A purveyor of uncommon wisdom” 

Alan Phillips, Artist, Florida


“That’s hilarious! I’ve been doing it all wrong”

Casey Dudding, Digital Communications, North Carolina


“I loved everything you wrote. Very inspiring. For the first time in years I feel great”

Annette Dunlevey, Supervisor/Trainer, New Zealand


“The final outcome is already recorded in my favour”

Russel Reid, Director of Human Resources, Anguila